Music Videos


We have experience of filming music videos of varying production sizes and styles, from live performances to more narrative music videos. Below are examples from British Rock Band Inglorious, West End performer Rob Houchen, Therapy - new musical and singer-songwriters Caroline Kay and Ben Boden.

'Where Are You Now' by Inglorious


Shot on location in Somerset featuring Inglorious.

'I Don't Know You' by Inglorious


Shot on location in both Somerset and London.'

'She Was' by Caroline Kay


Shot on location in Crystal Palace. A live recorded performance.

'Mona Lisa Smile' by Ben Boden


Shot on location in North London, featuring Ben Boden and Mairi Houston

'Safe and Sound' by Rob Houchen


Shot on location at St. Mary's Church, Ealing

'So What' from Therapy the Musical


Shot on location in London.

'Glory Days' by Inglorious


Shot on location at The Social in London.

Premiered on Planet Rock

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